Fundraising program to support underprivileged teenager to learn a traditional skill especially those which are on the verge of extinction.

Come and join our workshops to celebrate & conserve cultural heritage for future generation.


     Coconut Shell Maker, 

                        Mr. Leong, from

       Yeacoco Gallery, Butterworth.   

Moving with Artisans is a community art collaboration project of traditional arts/crafts/skills, with contemporary dance/movements and installation art.


To preserve & direct attention back to something important; gratitude for skills and talents; heart, body and soul in work and craft, something we began to forget.

We organise physical & virtual workshops for you to gain a deeper understanding of the story of traditional artisan from sunset industry. 

The workshops including the 

  • Archival Movement Dancing Class 

  • Craft Making Class 

  • Talk & Sharing Session with Artists & Artisans. 


*All the profit proceeds of participation fee will go to support an underprivileged teenager to learn a skill especially those which are on the verge of extinction.

     Rattan products from 

                   Kedai Weng Giap, 


 Exploring Our Previous Project

 Connecting with like-minded community and make new friends.

Enhancing self-esteem and increasing brain productivity as  well as  fostering clistening and attention.  

Enhancing mental health and wellbeing in a more enjoyable way.

Preserving our cultural heritage.