Beyond Moving with Artisans

“From Imagination To Creation” 

Shifting the exploration from virtual to physical as well as physical participation and interaction with the public. 


     Coconut Shell Maker, 

                        Mr. Leong, from

       Yeacoco Gallery, Butterworth.   

16 - 28 May 2022 

2-week open-studio residency

Level 1, 1 Utama E

in association with PJ Performing Arts Centre.

This residency explores traditional occupations which are slowly going extinct, as jobs and skills are being replaced by the use of machines, and the younger generation is unwilling to perpetuate these handcrafted traditions. It continues the project called Moving with Artisans, developed by Jinn D Productions and the team.

The residency will include workshops, a one-to-one interaction session, public dialogue and work-in-progress sharing, on 28 May 2022 at Nero Event Space, PJ Performing Arts Centre, 1 Utama E.

Poster designed by

                 Valentina Song

 Exploring Our Previous Project

 Connecting with like-minded community and make new friends.

Enhancing mental health and wellbeing in a more enjoyable way.

Preserving our cultural heritage.

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